Information regarding COVID-19

Dear Coworkers and Contractors,
In recent days, coronavirus has dominated our thoughts and conversations. We are aware of the threat we face and we know that decisive actions are necessary.

Due to the announcement of the epidemic status in Poland, from March 20, 2020, we are introducing “COVID-19 Regulations”. The safety of our employees and clients is our highest priority. We are closely monitoring the situation as it develops and will take actions based on the information and recommendations of the relevant local and governmental authorities.

Mutual trust and a sense of community are our strengths at Atlantia Group. Today the most important task is to take care for health and common safety of others.

We are following reports from the local and governmental authorities regarding the epidemic threat in Poland on current basis. We are prepared to take adequate actions in line with government guidelines.

Our thoughts are with the people directly affected by the virus and to their loved ones and with all the service people that work tirelessly on preserving the health and safety of all of us. We pass our highest regards to them.

Pavimental Polska

Pavimental Polska is a contractor in the construction sector.

It specializes in the area of transport infrastructure as road works, airport civil works and environment engineering works and performs works in the field of earthworks, pavement milling, paving unbound and bound layers, bridges construction and renovation, temporary and permanent traffic management, as well as environment engineering such as construction retention reservoirs, drainage sewers.