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Contract No. HM-3-2016 - resurfacing 2016-2017 Duration of the works: February 2016 – November 2017
The object was to replace the existing wearing course on the motorway A4 Katowice - Cracow.
Renovation was divided into 12 sections with a total length of approx. 58,5km.
Traffic in both directions was in two lanes, in the carriageway under execution redirecting one of them on the second carriageway.
To ensure maximum safety, both directions of traffic were separated by continuous temporary safety barriers.
During the renovation, which lasted until October 2017 there was about 660 thousand square m of the old highway pavement milled. In its place more than 62.8 thousand tons of new bitumen (binder course and wearing course) was arranged.
There were also foreseen 36.1 thousand square meters of new road markings in thick film technology.
Under Contract HM-3-2016 there were built in over 53k tones of asphalt mix on the area app. 590k m2. The scope of works was performed on the length 53,7km of one carriageway. The remaining section is to be completed during the 2018.

Contract No. ROM48 - renovation of supports of the bridge object M48
Currently works are conducted on a Contract related to the renovation of supports of the bridge object M48 located at km 389 + 368 of the Katowice - Krakow A4 motorway.
For the purpose of performing the works, the extensions of both motorway carriageways were built along with crossings of 85m length, enabling vehicles to communicate with two lanes in both directions at the time of closing one of the carriageways during the renovation works of the bridge. In addition, due to the course of the railway line under the building, a protective construction was executed of permanent sheet pilings from steel.
Renovation works refers to all supports of the bridge structure, 58 poles with heights from 7.65m to 11.56m above ground level, and 22 capping beams. Renovation works includes removing external corroded layer of concrete, cleaning and protection of the reinforcement, replacing reinforcement rods which corrosion exceeds 30% of cross-section, replacing stirrups with new of Ø12 rods cross-sections, inserting in columns rods joining old concrete with new, laying of longitudinal and lateral reinforcement for poles, execution of self-compacting concrete, increasing dimensions of poles by 7.5 cm (in relation to the original) in each direction, which gives a minimum thickness of reinforced concrete coat 19cm and also shotcrete of the capping beams.
Before execution of renovation works of individual poles, temporary supports will be executed, designed to support structure carrying repaired poles zone, so as not to change the static work of the bridge object. After the concrete has reached its full strength, the temporary supports will be removed.
Works on the M48 bridge object will last until November 2019.

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