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Pavimental Polska

Pavimental Polska is a contractor in the construction sector.

It specializes in the area of transport infrastructure as road works, airport civil works and environment engineering works and performs works in the field of earthworks, pavement milling, paving unbound and bound layers, bridges construction and renovation, temporary and permanent traffic management, as well as environment engineering such as construction retention reservoirs, drainage sewers.

Pavimental Polska is part of Atlantia SpA (www.atlantia.it) by Pavimental SpA (www.pavimental.it), which has 100% of its capital shares.

The company Pavimental Polska ensures a fully accordance with the contract requirements and a complete care for the customer satisfaction as its mission. In this purpose:

  • Trains staff;
  • Provides equipment;
  • In 2010 has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System ISO 9001 for the construction and maintenance of roads, motorways and airports surface, audited by ISOCERT unit;
  • In 2011 introduced Code of Ethics of Atlantia SpA;
  • In May of 2012 has been qualified for SOA, in categories of OG3 V e OG8 IV; SOA is the enterprise qualification system in force in Italy;
  • All financial statements are audited (KPMG from 2008 - 2012, DELOITTE from 2013)

All work was carried out in full compliance with the requirements of quality, time , safety and environmental protection, ensuring always the complete customer satisfaction.

The works characterized by stringent requirements for minimal impact on airport and motorway traffic were always performed matching these conditions with maximum safety for traffic and works.

All this translates to the company's motto: Pavimental Polska on the customer’s side.

Company details

Pavimental Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Słowackiego 49
32-540 Trzebinia (Poland)

NIP: 7010110691
REGON: 141268450
BDO: 000103739

Phone: +48 32 625-88-00
Fax: +48 32 625-88-82
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