Pavimental Polska was established in 2008 as a general construction company specialized in the transport infrastructure, road infrastructure, airport infrastructure and environmental works.
In the same year Pavimental Polska began works associated with repaving several road sections, for a total length of 59 km, and maintenance of 9 bridges on the A4 Katowice - Krakow motorway.

(Contract F2a-8-2007 "Repair of bridges and repair of highway pavement , Part 2")
Works planned for the duration of two years have been finished in advance.

Within two consecutive years 2010-2012, the company has done works associated with the renovation of 22 bridges, located on the A4 Katowice – Krakow motorway. (Contract F2b-1-2009 "repair 22 bridges")

In 2011 Pavimental Polska carried out the drainage works in Balice area on the A4 Katowice – Krakow motorway, involving the construction of three reinforced concrete tanks and one in terrain, each with a capacity approximately 2500 m3. Pavimental Polska made two drilling under the highway using the directional drilling. (Contract F2b-2-2009 "Modernization of the A4 motorway drainage in Balice km 398 + 700 - 401 + 100").

In 2012 Pavimental Polska dealt with the works associated with the extension of tolling station in Brzęczkowice on the A4 Katowice - Krakow, thereby creating 4 new toll lanes. Pavimental Polska completed works associated with the enlargement of the building in the OUA Stalexport Brzęczkowice.

In 2013 Pavimental Polska carried out work related to the extension of tolling station in Balice on the A4 Katowice - Krakow, thereby creating 3 new toll lanes.

In the same year Pavimental Polska has also began works related to "Reconstruction of drainage highway A4 Katowice - Krakow motorway on the section Silesian - Part I" Contract F2b-4-2013.
The contract has started on 03.09.2013r. The duration in time of 450 days. The contact involved the stormwater drainage with the installation of cleaning facilities for the total length of 1860 m in diameter from 200 mm to 1000 mm. Execution of drilling under the motorway embankment in diameters from 406 mm to 1016 mm for a total length of 678 m. The construction of 4 retention infiltration tanks.

In 2013 the company has also started works associated with the reconstruction of drainage channel on the apron at the Balice airport (entitled “John Paul II”) in Krakow (Contract entitled as "Modernization of linear drainage PPS"). In the period from June 2013 to August 2014 was carried out contract concerning construction works in order to ensure the complete modernization of existing prefabricated drainage line, located on the apron at the airport Krakow-Balice.
The field of activities of this contract have also involved, for the duration of the works, the execution of the project traffic organization aimed to guarantee the full availability of the apron for the movement of aircrafts and ground handling vehicles. The construction works was the replacement of drainage channels with a total length of 876m and connection them to the existing storm sewer system. Works were carried out on the apron under traffic with taxiways and runway aircraft normally working.

In addition, during this year was also completed earthworks related to levelling of land and archaeological research for the factory General Motors in Gliwice. In 2014, during the maintenance gap (shutdown - August 2014) at the General Motors ground in Gliwice was executed a contract involving the execution of design and construction works for the complete modernization of the existing prefabricated linear drainage. (Contract entitled. "Repair drainage repair docks G100")

The contract HM-1-2014 "replacement repaving 2014" was also executed on the highway A4 Katowice - Krakow motorway in 2014. This contract involved the repaving on 5 sections of the with the total length of 11 km and included the introduction of variable traffic organization, milling, execution of tack coat, laying of geocomposite as well as paving binder and wearing courses (SMA).

In November of 2015 we have completed contract "The construction of western bypass Chrzanów". The operation related to the construction of class G road classified as the category of provincial roads with the length about 3.3 km. The investment also involved the construction of bicycle path along all the length of the bypass and the construction of sidewalks at the roundabouts. In terms of the entire order were included other works concerning the construction of road. Works involved the construction of a bridge, concrete culverts, stormwater drainage, construction of light crossroads, reconstruction of the power grid, telecommunication engineering, gas and water supply, as well as the construction of noise barriers.
Start of the route is on the Silesian street by the roundabout that then runs through a wooded area. The bypass ends with the connection to the Auschwitz street.

The contract WUPO 2012 "Replacement of Tolling Station’s Devices" for the Toll Plaza (PPO) in Brzęczkowice and Balice on the highway A4 Katowice-Kraków.
The operation related installation of new tolling station’s devices after adjusting a new technical infrastructure for toll plazas. Works involved the reconstruction of existing concrete islands, separating lanes, drainage elements and the road surface, as well as the replacement of tolling station’s devices. There was also the replacement of tolling station’s booths with the new one (Cabs METALTECNICA) and new necessary devices, as well as the installation of new steel structures on islands that protect tolling station’ s booths and devices.

Contract No. F2b–8–2014 Extension of the Mysłowice interchange and construction of the Rudno interchange Along the A4 Motorway Katowice – Kraków. Duration of the works: 07.2015 – 12.2016
The project involved the extension of northern portion of Mysłowice interchange at the intersection of A4 Motorway with Obrzeżna Zachodnia Street in Mysłowice through the construction of turbine roundabout on Obrzeżna Street, reconstruction of intersection legs, construction of slip roads and interchange lighting system. Moreover, the project involved the construction of Rudno interchange on A4 Motorway Katowice – Kraków in the area of the intersection with the district road DP 1033K Krzeszowice – Alwernia, Motorway widening for merging lanes, construction of roundabout type single-lane intersection on the slip road link with the district road including the reconstruction of the district road.

Contract No. F2b-6-2014 - Reconstruction of drainage of the A4 motorway between the Silesian province - Part II Duration of the works: July 2016 – February 2018
As part of the F2b-6-2014 contract, 4 retention-purification reservoirs with a total active volume of 1632 cubic meters were built. For execution of reservoirs more than 13,000 cubic meters of material were excavated. Due to the high level of groundwater, two reservoirs were ballasted with a concrete layer in the amount of 2690 cubic meters.
In addition, 8 storm water sewer of pipes with diameters in the range of 300 mm - 1000 mm were executed. The total length of the storm water sewer is 1827 m. The water supply network has also been rebuilt.
In order to exceed A4 motorway as well as local roads with sewage 438.5 m drills of steel pipes with diameters in the range of 610 mm - 1067 mm were executed. The contract required repair and reconstruction of existing motorway ditches. There were over 9,000 m of grass-covered ditches, 748 m of ditches strengthened with precast concrete elements, and 440 m of triangular sewage draining rainwater from the motorway, through drains, to the storm water sewers.
Executed reservoirs were fenced by a highway grid, also part of the fence along the motorway was rebuilt. The total length of the new fence was 2298 m.
In order to service executed storm water purification equipment, 5 service yards and 3 technological roads with a total area of 3230 square m were built. Accompanying work was to secure telecommunication and power lines.

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